Twin Carrier
Twin Carrier
Twin Carrier
Twin Carrier
Twin Carrier
Twin Carrier

Twin Carrier

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Minimonkey introduces the twin baby carrier, the Minimonkey TWIN. This twin carrier equals the ergonomics of carrying in a sling, gaining comfort, user-friendliness and safety!

If you search on the internet for information about carrying a baby, you will probably discover that wearing a sling is the most ergonomic way. In a sling, a baby can be carried optimally in the ergonomic M-position and the weight is distributed over your entire upper body. Comfortable for you and good for your baby.

So what happens when you have twins?

You wear a (newborn) twin in the Minimonkey TWIN upright on your stomach. Little flanks low and staggered upper legs high; also called the M-Position or frog posture. Experts advise this ergonomic way of wearing because it can positively contribute to the development of the hips. The Minimonkey TWIN was developed in collaboration with sling consultants and parents of twins and has been named a hip-healthy product by the  International Hip Dysplasia institute.


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Comfortable  - The weight of the babies is divided by the shoulder straps on the back and the band around your waist evenly distributed throughout your body. This makes this twin carrying bag surprisingly light.

Suitable for  Newborn  and older babies (maximum 12kg per baby). Can also be used for carrying a toddler (max 12kg) and a baby, so it does not necessarily have to be twins.

Ergonomic  - babies can be worn in the ergonomic M-position, where the neck and back are fully supported, similar to carrying them in a sling

Easy  - intuitive to use and few steps. After setting the correct height, the babies are placed in the 'pockets' and attached with a small clip. You can do this on your own after some practice.

Safe  - the band around your waist prevents the babies from sliding out of the carrier.


"Parents that are learning to be the multitaskers, with multiple children... This is where you start!"


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