Roll Along Bus
Roll Along Bus
Roll Along Bus
Roll Along Bus
Roll Along Bus

Roll Along Bus

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"The Driver of Mushroom Pickers are very attentive and careful. While riding around the forest they keep looking around and turning their heads. Every time they set off on a mushroom picking trip, they are excited to ride a vintage rustic (thus very lovely and fashionable) bus." 
  • Handcrafted in Lithuania from sustainably harvested birchwood 
  • Painted with natural milk paint and finished with raw linseed oil 
  • 100% natural, biodegradable and safe for children; a natural friend to your children!



Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. It's true! Bacteria generally do not sustain life for long and does not duplicate on wood like it can on plastic. However, if you feel the need to wash the toy:

• wash gently and quickly with soap and lukewarm water. Avoid soaking.
• let it dry completely.
• lightly sand with fine sandpaper unpainted areas. 
• refinished with any food-safe oil

It is impossible to get full water resistance with natural materials. Thus, we do not recommend using these toys when playing with the water or placing painted toys to the mouth.

"Handmade with love"

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