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Many big corporations have launches for new toys each year, trying to incorporate technologies with education. For sure, kids are very much into digital toys these days, but there is something parents can help with. Look at the (digital) toys around you, see how much toxic materials they are made of. Your kids and perhaps you will thank yourself one day if you are convinced enough by the following content to switch to wooden toys again.

Recently, I ran a survey on Instagram on the impression of wooden toys. And today, I will like to present my findings - comprising of both survey results and factual benefits which I consolidated.

Now, read on!

1. Wooden Toys are Timeless, they don't age.

Let's face it, wooden toys are COOL. They show little sign of aging, they are cool accessories for all kids. Rustic and charming are two words I really love to use on them. Think about the past decades, how our parents, grandparents got us wooden toys that made us glee like silly kids. They taught us the wheels on the bus, the car that never broke down, the ducks that went ga-ga-ga when you pulled, just by using wooden toys! Surely, digital toys are fascinating with animations and sounds, but wooden toys are great to hold even as your kids grow up!


2. Wooden Toys are Durable

You probably have one of those "stop smashing that!", "stop banging the toys into the wall, sweetheart!", "oh my, it's broken again!" moments during your parenting days. Kids do not know the value of money, or the consequence of the huge impacts they impose on their toys. They are instead more thrilled at seeing how their toys break into two, and that they can now own two pieces of toys! You do not have to face such issue with wooden toys, good quality wooden toys that is. They are made of sustainable wood that are made to last, through generations in fact. That makes them less susceptible to a dent, crack or let alone scratches. Even if they do suffer from minor injuries, these injuries just add on to their charm. In addition, wooden toys are easy to clean with damp cloth and you do not have to worry about dedicating half a day to wash them!  And did I mention, having durability in these wooden toys mean you can recycle them among your children and probably, future grandchildren!

3. Wooden Toys Grow with Your Child

We see how toys are normally categeorised according to the children's age, but do you know, there is no such cateogorization for wooden toys? They are suitabelf for a huge spectrum of age, allowing them to play till the day they decide the wooden toy should become a decoration item in their rooms. Wooden toys allow for imaginative play and encourage children to get creative. While they are at the toys, they are exposed to an endless possible scenarioes and allow them to negotiate with their inner selves on what they want to do with the toys. 

4. Wooden Toys are Interactive and Stimulate Creativity

Wooden toys are free of any digital influence. The only thing they give is the room for imagination and free play. Children can build their world, whereby they define the voices, sounds effects, actions, routes and colours they want their toys to take/make. For instance, an apple does not have to be red or green, and a taxi does not have to be yellow/blue/red. The freedom to control will boost their imagination very much. Moreover, they can share such ideas with their fellow comrades and build their social skills altogether. Through their play sessions, they can relate more to real-life situations and make decision based on the circumstances they encounter. It encourages children to work together and solve problems, such learning on the set builds their confidence as they grow.

5. Wooden Toys Improve Hand-Eye Coordination and Build Motor Skills

They are many skills that children have to develop from young, and it is often advisable to start the training from young if permissble. Instead of signing your children away from expensive classes that claim to do the works of brain development and building confidence, why not try wooden toys? Not to say these sessions are absolutely unnecessary, but allowing children to learn while playing with their parents may be a better idea as we know, children also mimick their parents in what they do. That to say, wooden toys are made up of many varieties - some are stackable, pull-alongs, chewable, etc. Because of the varieties, wooden toys can help children to build up their hand-eye coordination. They can create new patterns out of their wooden toys, and visualize how they can fit together, shaping their coordination and concepts of physics. For instance, Activities such as pushing a rolling bus will give them the idea to exert more force in order for it to move a farther distance.  building towers out of wooden blocks, carefully placing the pieces so the towers don’t topple over, or threading a string through a series of wooden beads, require children to establish a relationship between distance and force. Parents may also utilize wooden toys to teach concepts such as over, under, beside, up, and down. Learning to grasp items in different methods and manipulating the toys to get different results are also part of the learning journey a child can embark on building their skills. 

6. Wooden Toys are Tactile

Wooden toys are often heavier than their plastic counterparts. The signficiant "gain in weight" allows children to be more aware of what they have in hand, and what they are dealing with. They can have a gauge of force and movement, the 

Unlike toys made of lightweight plastic, many wooden toys have a bit of weight to them, so when children interact with the toys they are more aware of what they are doing. This weight can be particularly beneficial for children with delays in the development of their fine motor skills or those with sensory disorders because heavier toys will help them feel their movements as they work to develop their skills. The tactile element of wooden toys also mean children have to think more and exert more energy as they play and learn. For example, the wheels on a wooden toy car may not move as smoothly as on a plastic or metal car, requiring children to apply more force to make it move.

7. Wooden Toys are Safe, eco-friendly

Eco-friendly? Other than wood being recyclable, one thing - wooden toys never run our of batteries! Well, because they never need one to begin with. No fret over the risk of your children putting those minor screws, wires and batteries into their mouths, or the angst they have when the batteries run out. Moreover, you can stop worrying about when the mobile app starts crashing! As you leave your children with the wooden toys, you do not have to worry about them. Wooden toys are often designed to be safe, and they do not have sharp edges or screws/parts dropping off them. Remember one of those periods you go "OUCH!" when you step on their non-wooden toys? I bet you do because those are memories!

Wooden toys are also non-toxic, and therefore, your children are safe even if it means them sucking or nibbling them. 

8. Wooden Toys are Quiet

Well well... Wood cushion most of the sounds even when they drop from a height. No more cling-clangs in the house, in the middle of the night when you are trying to navigate your way in the dark! As wooden toys are free of digital toxicity, you can be assured that they are sleeping when your children do! They build pure innocent laughter during your children's play sessions and nothing more. Whenyou are doing household chores across the room, you do not have to shout at the top of your voice for them to lower the noise level their digital toys are bringing! 

9. Wooden Toys are Beautiful

Charming, is the word I have for wooden toys. They are often beautifully crafted, some by hand. The slight defects that may have occured during the crafting process only add to their rustism. Wooden toys are often aesthetically appealing, regardless the shade of the wood they are crafted out of. Even if they are painted with layers of bright colours, they serve as a mood-lifter in your kids' room or simply, the living space. I also strongy believe, if you have guests over at your nest, the wooden toy will be the first piece they will pick up instead of the plastic toys!


Yes, it may be true that some wooden toys (think: good quality) cost a little more than the usual plastic-y toys on the shelves, we trust the above benefits will have justified the cost you were hesitating to fork out. The limitless imagination of a simple wooden toy that your children can build, and the life skills they can develop over time while playing. Wooden toys are more often than not, underrated in the toys industry - we definitely hope to change this fact. The beauty of wooden toys lie in the hands of parents who get to see beyond the bright-coloured toys which are toxic to the children and environment. 

Ending off, wooden toys should be your #1 choice for your kids today!

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