Top Five Gifts for Newborns


Are you surrounded by mommies-to-be? Or friends who just gave birth? 

No idea what to get for their babies yet?

Other than giving the almost-mandatory clothes to kids, I will like to introduce five gifts you can consider, to celebrate the birth of newborns today!

1. Swaddles

Swaddle baby

Singapore is hot, everyone knows it! Yet the elder generation often tells us to keep the babies warm by wrapping them tightly because newborns have different body temperatures as adults. Fair enough, the swaddle is a splendid idea for the newborns! Find those of 100% cotton that does not retain heat and feel soft to the babies' skin. Many babies are still developing even when they are outside the mummies' wombs and can be sensitive to the cloths and environment. Go for organic if you wish, because you just want to keep the babies safer this way. Swaddles are useful accessories for mummies as well! They can double/triple up as blankets, nursing covers, pram covers etc etc. The list is endless, and sometimes even as towels in emergencies! For the various uses of the swaddles, you can also be sure the parents can use them for a long time!

Idea: If you have more budget to spare, get a quilt or toy to go along! Check out our bundle sets.

2. Teethers 

For babies, their first tooth usually start to emerge durnig the 4th - 6th month, or even int their third month. That being said, do not worry if your child does not! Some children do experience stubborn first tooth too! It is a perfect gift for them, especially when they have to fight those swollen gums due to rubbing, excessive drooling, awkward awakening during the nights, and even earpulling/cheek rubbing effects! Having a teether, that is easy to hold, can give them comfort and assurance. It is akin to the chou chou we have when we were young! Having that smell and taste is just... Different. Find inexpensive wooden ones, they are easy to clean and manage! Why wooden? Because they are hard and parents do not have to worry about pieces getting chipped off and the children swallowing the small pieces by accident!

You may be interested in our wooden teethers.

3. Night Lights 

Night Lights by A Little Lovely Company

Babies start to develop their sight, starting from shapes and sizes when they are in their third or fourth month. Although they are able to see colours at birth, they are unable to distinguish them, therefore newborns usually prefer black-and-white images in front of them. Having night lights on display in the room can help their eyes to develop and adapt, and they are good learning tools for colour differentiation as they grow as well! Moreover, at their third month, many babies have the ability to "track" the items that are nearer to them, therefore these night lights can become good tools of interaction as parents move the items from side to side, teasing their children! And oh, night lights, if portable, are great when parents need to move around the room without switching the lights on in the middle of the night!

You may be interested in our night lights, starting at S$22.

4.  Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are.... is the go-to article you should be reading now. So much advantages have been mentioned by parents of many generations! One important thing: Parents do not have to worry about their newborns putting minor objects into their mouths or that the wooden toys actually run out of battery juice, because that will never happen! Wooden toys are charming pieces that are very approriate as gifts. Parents and childrens will love them, all the same!

Are you interested in getting one now? Click here!

 5. Baby carrier

Classic Sling (Newborn position)

Fact: Many baby carriers in the market are not catered to newborns.

So there is a little trick there to be wary of during your purchase. Using an inappropriate baby carrier may lead to discomfort of babies, or worse, the babies may have growth issues in their early terms. In addition, most parents carry their newborns in hands and take turns to eat when dining outside. That is just one of the many inconveniences that arise in the household when they are out. Therefore, new parents will definitely appreciate the idea of being gifted a baby carrier. Traditionally, Asian mommies are the ones carrying the babies in hand when out on the road or travelling. But today, that has changed; fathers are gradually taking over this role. So now, all that is missing is a carrier that fits both genders (just so it will be hard for fathers to say no to carrying their kids)! 

You may be interested in taking a look at our newly acquired stylish baby slings by MiniMonkey that will be available very soon! (estimated end Sept 2017) We are taking in pre-orders,so contact us to find out more.


If you have any enquiries/inputs, please feel free to contact us! 


Jia & Mars



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