[EXCLUSIVE!] New launch - Minimonkey

Hello mommsies and daddies, 

As you are celebrating the birth of a new addition in your family, I will like to bring your attention to our new launch we are bringing in very very very soon.

Three + Two Kids is extremely proud to announce that we had managed to secure the exclusive distributionship of Minimonkey products in Singapore and Malaysia.

Minimonkey puts a lot of focus on the comfort of our children: from the positions that they are comfortable in, the material of the products to ensure they do not suffer heat rashes or minimize perspiration, to the 

Minimonkey hauls from Netherlands, a country known for good kids' upbringings and family-oriented mindsets. Since 2007, they have been making waves of innovative products and development. Today, they have an amazing network of distributor in 35 countries (and we are one of them!).

Therefore, you can rest assured that these products are of topnotch quality!

✔ Large varieties of appealing colours - stand out in the crowd!

✔ Ergonomically built to minimize backaches

✔ Compact for convenience, good for travels

✔ Stylish and versatile! Various ways of using (for slings/baby carriers)

✔ 100% cotton, say no heat trapping!

✔ Cleaned easily - throw in laundry bag 


For a start, we will be bringing in the Classic Slings and Minichairs! Hooray!


"Go light and live"

Children have been carried around by their parents for centuries. In the past, they just did this using a length of fabric, but times and mostly the wishes of people change. These days, people place a higher priority on safety and convenience. The demand for ergonomic ways of carrying babies and small children is on the rise. This was the point of departure in forming partnerships with various specialists (ranging from children’s orthopaedic specialists to babywearing consultants). Together, we developed the classic Minimonkey Sling, making it a modern variation that can not only be worn from birth, but it is also ergonomic and safe. It is made for every babywearer (or baby), be they tall, short, heavy or thin. The Sling Unlimited was developed to fit every size and shape, and even fits in your bag . This gives me a huge kick.

In addition to the ability to ‘wear’ your baby and child in an ergonomically responsible manner, the demand for comfort by those who wear their baby has increased, particularly for those who have to do this frequently and for long periods of time. The shift from carrying them on one shoulder to two shoulders began; the infamous ‘reverse rucksack’. Numerous brands began to copy one another’s designs, and there are now a seemingly unlimited number of ‘me-too’ carriers on the market now. For me, the trick was to develop a carrier that was easy to use and comfortable, one that does not involve putting weight on the shoulders. The development of the Dynamic was the result. We have discovered that people with shoulder and back problems are very happy with the Dynamic. For me, this was proof that I had achieved my goals!"

- Minimonkey's founder

Note: More colours and photos will be released on this website soon.

Whether you are B2B looking for wholesale, or individuals looking for an unique baby accessories, feel free to contact us at minimonkey.sg@threeplustwokids.com. We promise to be in contact with you in no time!

 Happy to speak, and pleased to serve!



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