Choosing a teether

When it comes to choosing a teether, parents are faced with many choices. To help make your decision easier, I have written this post on the types of teethers available and how you go about choosing it.

a) Plastic teethers

It is important to ensure that this type of teether is free of  BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead, as these are harmful to baby. 

b) Rubber teethers

Choose rubber teethers made from pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis.  However, if baby is allergic to latex, then this type of teether is out. There are also some concerns about rubber products containing nitrosatable substances which could pose some health risks.

Silicone (a type of rubber)  teethers are usually free of BPA, PVC and phthalates. Some popular ones are made of food grade and medical grade silicone.

c) Wood teethers

Typically made from hardwood such as beech, walnut or maple, they are sanded smooth and rounded at the edges. Some are left unfinished while some are finished with beeswax or flaxseed oil.  They are also naturally antibacterial and non splintering.

d) Fabric teethers

If baby prefers chewing on something soft, a teether made from high quality organic cotton would be a good choice. Some comes in a blanket style while some wraps around a wooden ring.

In addition to the above, you should also consider the following:

i) Size of the teether

Is the teether too big or small? Is it easy for your baby to grasp?

ii) Mutiple parts or one solid piece  

For teethers with multiple parts (e.g. beads), do they hold together well such that the parts will not come off easily?

iii) Ease of cleaning

Is the teether easy to clean? Are there many grooves or joints in the teether making it hard to clean?

iv) Texture

Are there different textures (e.g. hard and soft) and chewing surfaces for baby to chomp on?

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